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BUSINESS COACHING: Assisted Living, Board & Cares, SNFs, In-Home Care Agencies

Senior Business Coaching

Senior Business Coach Reece Franklin helps assisted living facilities, board and cares, SNFs, and In-Home Care Agencies with the right marketing methods, systems, and choices to help increase census and clients, and develop power methods to get the bottom line ROI your company is looking for.

Reece has a special ability to build successful marketing and selling campaigns and teams, and make things happen fast--which makes your corporation executives even happier.  In addition, Reece Franklin can help your company

  • Delete old pattern marketing plans that are so out-of-date they were created in the 1960's
  • Create and design new sales and marketing templates that cause immediate results
  • Give you a program you can implement immediately, and make your corporate executives singing your praises.

Areas of Impact through Business Coaching with Us:

  • Networking - Learn the ONLY right way to network with other senior businesses
  • Professional Referrer Program -  Created by Reece in 1995, this complete Professional Referral Program takes the guess work out of how to reach those hard to contact referrers, and make them JUMP at the chance to work with you.
  • Implement Internal Marketing Programs- Your internal staff and your community relationship reps will have a complete follow up system so nothing falls through the cracks again.
  • Power Publicity Program - You'll learn to institute a powerful publicity campaign that keeps your company name in the prospect's eye, and catapults you to the top of the competition.  You'll get the calls FURST!

"Experience the difference a real marketing program can make!"

Reece works in person and via phone and has clients across the U.S. and Canada

Don't just think about it!  Take Action!

Email Reece at or call him at 909-393-8525!

Reece Franklin's Senior Business Coaching
P.O. Box 2920
Chino Hills, CA 91709-2661
(909) 393-8525
FAX (909) 393-8634

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